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Meditation with a twist, or seashell if you will. Seashell Meditations uses Seashells for focus and concentration while guiding you through a fun and inspirational meditation. Get a group together and we come to you. We offer a 45 min to an hour meditation using the seashells and soft background music. Relax and enjoy all the benefits meditation has to offer. Contact us through our contact page and we will schedule the time and get  your details. You can't begin too young and it is never too late to learn meditation! 


Sessions last just about an hour. Price $10.00 per person

Children's sessions receive our coloring/activity book, "Under the Sea," a short exercise to begin, and a short project as we end the meditation. (Adults who accompany the children are not charged. 

Adult sessions receive a meditation using seashells and soft background music and a personal guided meditation from owner, author, Patsy Bunfill. 

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