See what people are saying about Seashell Meditations for Children.

I am absolutely excited about Patricia’s books. Not only are the colorful illustrations eye catching and beautiful, the pages are filled with easy to read phrases and tips to help a child overcome tricky childhood situations that will help them through difficult times. Patricia manages this by teaching young ones how to meditate and focus in a one of a kind fun filled book.
— Viki Davis, 35 year Montessori teacher
I shared the stories with my grandkids and they absolutely loved it! 3 & 5 years old, and they both sat quietly, holding the seashell up to their ears and listened to the story. They took breaths, closed their eyes, and relaxed. It was not only a great experience for the kids but for me as well. I scanned the code on the back cover and had the background music quietly in the background. It was a nice feature. I love these books and intend to buy them for lots of people I know.
— Connie Tupper, Grandma of 2
Patricia’s Seashell Meditations for Children are powerful tools for awakening self awareness, happiness, imagination, and joy in kids. Highly interactive, each book in the series transports the reader to a place of stress-free relaxing, creativity.
— davidji
Patricia gave me a book which I gave to my daughter and grandson. She sat out in the yard and read it to him. He was so interested in the beautiful illustrations. He sat quietly and looked at the pictures as she read. We loved the book and look forward to the next. Great concept!
— Kathy Kobernik, Grandma of 3
My grandson is 4, he talks and sings all day long. He also questions everything. From the first time reading “The Stream”, he sat very quiet and focused with the seashell to his ear, listening. We look forward to the rest of Patricia May’s books in the collection.
— Marla Rea